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"No matter what I do going forward in life, I will always make sawdust, as it is what my soul calls for me to do. "


David Bauerly was born in 1952 in Sioux City, Iowa, the son of an upholsterer, and David learned that craft from many years working by his side as a young man. David's love for wood flourished that environment as he learned to work on the exposed wood legs, arms, and parts of upholstered furniture his father had in his shop.

David opened his own shop working on wood furniture in the early Seventies starting with repairing and refinishing antiques, eventually moving into building furniture; after much hard work, he became well known throughout the Midwest for designing and building unique, world-class one-of-a-kind pieces.

After 40 plus years working with wood, building, designing, and restoring, David is recognized an expert in his field, and a master craftsman.  In addition to restoring, refinishing, and rebuilding antiques, he has also built unique high-end pieces of furniture for customers from Texas to Minnesota and California to Florida.

After many years of building David found out his great grandfather was a furniture builder in Germany, who emigrated to New York City and built furniture there for years before moving to northwest Iowa to farm. In 2017 a distant relative gifted David with these two planes that his grandfather brought from Germany in 1880.


Now with the help of his son-in-law Sam Johnson David continues to provide Siouxland with outstanding services.


David has a wide area of interests and while operating his Studio he went to college to obtain an advanced degree in Psychology which was cut short due to a serious accident but he did get his undergraduate degree and some advanced courses in to help fill his unquenchable desire to continually learn in all areas.

In 1985 David received his BA in Industrial Psychology from Morningside College, graduating summa cum laude.

In the 80s David worked with John Bradshaw after John's groundbreaking series On the Family appeared on Public Television. Working alongside John, David put on workshops throughout the U.S..  In 1989 David was the executive producer of a ten-hour series on addictions called Contrary to Love featuring Dr. Patrick Carnes, produced for Public Television.  During all this time, David maintained his shop and continued to produce extremely high-end custom built furniture.

Working in television production whetted David's appetite and ambitions, and during that time he began thinking about the show that became Working on Antiques.

We got three shows shot but when preparing to start on the fourth, 9/11 happened which shut down all funding for projects such as my dream of a show on antiques that would air on PBS.

It was so much fun producing the show but alas the rest of production was not to be revived.

Since quality, handmade furniture has always been, and still is,  very costly, and much of what is affordable in today's market is poorly made.  More and more people are turning to antiques as an alternative.

We still work with folks to find value in vintage and antique furniture to be able to have affordable, fine furniture to live with and enjoy in their homes.



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