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I rarely make a piece of furniture that is not for a customer, to fit a specific space in a home or office. When building this particular console I just loved it so much that I felt compelled to build a sister to it.


I designed and built the original for a client in Chicago who was looking for a unique piece of furniture that would serve as a dramatic focal point to the entrance of his home.  The top is Amboyna burl sunburst pattern, with a Yew wood edge, and an ebony half circle at the back.


 The sister piece is made of Amboyna burl sunburst pattern, with African Satinwood veneer edge, and a Satinwood circle at the back.  The solid wood edge and turned legs are made of antique Cuban mahogany (Mahogoni Swietenia), which, sadly, was deforested by the end of the 16th Century for use by the very best and most talented woodworkers of London.  Today it is extremely rare and very expensive.


Unfortunately, these photos are of poor quality, as the best ones were accidentally destroyed.  Against the advice of others not to include low quality photos on my website, I feel this piece is just too special to not be included.


The sister piece has not yet been finished or assembled.  Therefore, the future owner can choose a finish in any shade, color and sheen to fit anywhere in their home.


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