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Antique Restorations


I don't want to suggest that something has to be over 100 years old, or of a certain style, to be great furniture. A collector brought me the case to this jukebox in very rough condition.

Store Spool Cabinet

These are now getting nearly impossible to find.

Ash Commode

A piece like this would be a great starter piece.

Childs Wicker Rocker

A woman brought this in with about 300 million coats of paint on it.

Walnut Marble Top Commode

This piece came from an elderly women who, when I asked her how much she wanted for it, said "Would a hundred dollars be fair?"

Fainting Couch

This was a rare opportunity for me. My customer had acquired the couch from a person who knew that at one time it had belonged to her family and he wanted her to have an opportunity to own it again.


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