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Desk and Credenza









This is a desk and credenza designed for a physician’s office. He liked Art Deco design, so I used some of the simple elements of that period. The veneers are of Thuya burl, which is a very oily wood found in South America, and highly prized for its tight "eyes" in the burl. The front panel consists of 32 separate pieces from a flitch, consecutively numbered so that the match can be mirrored from one side to the other to make the image you see. I used the same veneers on the sides, drawer faces and doors of the credenza.

The corners of both pieces are from solid 2" ebony. This wood was only available air-dried, so I had to let it sit in my shop for a year before using it, to guarantee that it would not shrink significantly. The top is made of a jet-black Avonite material that can take considerable wear and tear without scratches and nicks.



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