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David Bauerly

Antiques and woodworking have been a large part of David Bauerly's life.  After a distinguished career as a craftsman and maker of high-end furniture in the Midwest, David Bauerly now brings his expertise to you in Working on Antiques with David Bauerly.

High quality, handmade furniture has become very costly, and much of what is affordable in today's market is poorly made.  More and more people are turning to antiques as an alternative. 

Working on Antiques is about how people can have high quality furniture in their homes and lives.  David will show you how to find and refurbish fine furniture (antique and otherwise) for their homes without spending a fortune. During this process David will instill in people the joy of working with wood and appreciating the process of creating something they can take pride in.

David is an expert in his field, and a master craftsman.  In addition to restoring, refinishing, and rebuilding antiques, he has also built unique high-end pieces of furniture for customers from Texas to Minnesota to California.

David Bauerly was born in 1952 in Sioux City, Iowa, the son of an upholsterer, and David learned that craft at his father's knee.  

David opened his own shop in the early Seventies.  He started with repairing and refinishing antiques, eventually moving into building furniture; after much hard work, he became well known throughout the Midwest for designing and building unique, world-class pieces. 

In 1985 David received his BA in Industrial Psychology from Morningside College, graduating summa cum laude. 

David worked with John Bradshaw after John's groundbreaking series On the Family appeared on Public Television. Working alongside John, David put on workshops throughout the U.S.  In 1989 David was the executive producer of a ten-hour series on addictions called Contrary to Love, produced for Public Television.  During this time, David maintained his shop and continued to produce high-end custom built furniture.

Working in television production whetted David's appetite and ambitions, and during that time he began thinking about the show that became Working on Antiques.  

We know you'll enjoy Working on Antiques.


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